Due to the current pandemic, this karate club had to close infinitely.


Ippon Wado Karate Inc teaches the traditional style of Wado Ryu.  We are the only karate club located in Ottawa, Ontario that is registered with the Canadian ZenKuRen Wado Karate Association (CZWKA), a member of the Japan Karate Federation (JKF) Wado Kai.  We are also members of Ontario Karate Federation (the only governing body for amateur karate that is recognized by the Ontario Government) and Karate Canada. 


The CZWKA is affiliated to the JKF Wado Kai which is located in Tokyo, Japan.  The Japan Karate Federation is the only organization recognized by the Japanese government to represent karate in Japan.  The CZWKA, under the leadership by Sensei Norma Foster (7th Dan), is the only official Wado-Kai group recognized in Canada.




Sensei Barry Welch is a fifth (Godan) degree black belt with the JKF Wado-Kai and has over 30 years of Wado experience.  Sensei Welch is also a founding member of the CZWKA and is the highest ranked JKF Wado-kai instructor in Alberta.  He has represented England at multiple regional and national championships in Kata and Kumite and Canada at the 2000 and 2015 World Wado Championships.  He was part of the Karate Alberta coaching team from 2009 to 2012 and he is currently a technical representative and board member for the CZWKA.


Sensei Nicole Levesque-Welch is a fourth (Yondan) degree black belt with the JKF Wado-kai and has over 15 years of karate experience.  Sensei Nicole has competed at multiple Alberta and national events in Kata and in Kumite.  


Our instructors have a vast amount of knowledge and experience teaching karate to people of all ages.


We offer a wide range of classes from teaching our little dragons (4 to 6 years) to youths (7 to 12 years), teens and adults/parents.


Our students learn in a friendly, safe and structured environment which helps them to build their self-esteem, strengthen their self-confidence, improves their physical and mental health and learn self-defense techniques.

Services are offered in both English and in French.